Wilson Adams

Microscopy | Optics | Biomedical Engineering - Vanderbilt University

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Availability: Flexible

Rate: $65-120

About Me

I love to help scientists build their microscopes and analysis workflows around their research - not the other way around. With a deep understanding of optical hardware, software, processing methods, analysis tools, automation, and a passion for cool biology, I help scientists make the most of their time by speeding up the tedious bottlenecks in their workflow.

Software and Hardware

Expert: FIJI/ImageJ, MicroManager, MATLAB, Autodesk Inventor, Optical Hardware Design

Intermediate: Python, R


I can help you identify one or a handful of imaging best suited to answer your scientific questions.

I've been involved in the design, development, building, and validating of more than 10 different 'flavours' of fluorescence and multiphoton imaging platforms for target biomedical research questions in cell biology and neuroscience. Some platforms utilizing laser scanning (e.g. confocal), widefield, and lightsheet imaging methods combining as many as 5 modes of contrast. Whether it be a brand new scope, or adapting an existing scope to your needs, I can help find a way to make it happen without breaking the bank.

CAD design of optical microscopes with off-the-shelf components.

I've been using CAD to build full microscope systems for several years now, both stock and custom machined components. Schematic drawings of optical paths, and designing add-on components for augmented imaging capabilities - often at a fraction of the commercial cost.

Identifying software solutions for optical imaging platforms.

From image acquisition, to data processing, quantification, analysis, and visualization. I have a deep and active knowledge of open source and proprietary options for handling high-dimensional imaging data. I can help design intuitive user-facing software solutions for image acquisition and analysis with graphical user interfaces and macro-based automation. Particularly with FIJI/imageJ/microManager, Matlab, and gradually Python, R, and their associated packages.

Speeding up bottlenecks in image processing and data analysis workflows

With so many tools and resources out there do science, but it can be really difficult to figure out how to speed up the bottlenecks in our experimental process with them. Having someone who genuinely understands your research goals work with you to make the software and hardware enable your research could save you hundreds of valuable hours in mindless clicking and revising. This is where I can help. Don't let 'quick experiments' set you back weeks with planning and analysis. Lets chat and see how I can help you out.